The Official League for High School lacrosse in the state of Arizona.

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  1. Game Cancellation Notification – For weather cancellations or any other game cancellation. Failure to comply will result in the home team being charged for all game and administrative fees due.
  • Notify opponent – Contact & confirm with opposing team.
  • A.L.O.A.
    • Contact the assigned Referee via phone AND email. Confirm that they have received the cancellation notice (cell phone contact recommended). You can access information on who is assigned and their contact information on
    • Contact the assignor, Steve Adamick at 480-332-6552 at least two hours before the scheduled game time.
    • Email the A.L.O.A. at to confirm the communication made above.
  • League – Cancellation
    • Send an email to notifying the league of the game cancellation and confirm notification to officials. Include the game date, teams and reason for cancellation.
  • League – Reschedule
    • Follow the Game Reschedule Procedures below
  1. Game Reschedule
  • Complete the game change request form that is posted on the league website. Be sure to include the game number.
  • Send the completed form to
  • Within 24 hours you will receive a reply from the league and the request will be sent to the ALOA for assignment. Once the change has been accepted by the ALOA the game schedule on the league web site will be updated.