The Official League for High School lacrosse in the state of Arizona.

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Coaches and Administrators:

Your vote as members of the league is required on the following league business, as was discussed at the spring High School Meeting on 1/31/15.


There is one league-wide issue: the re-organization of the board into a committee structure by amending the bylaws.

There are 2 HS-only issues regarding the number of teams in the D1 and D2 post-season. Votes by JHS members for the HS postseason will be discarded.

Voting will be closed Friday February 20, 2015 at 11:59pm.

UPDATE: Voting has been extended for 24 hours, to 2/21/15.

Notes on league voting:

 All members may cast one vote on each issue as it pertains to the division in which the sponsor a team (i.e. a program sponsoring a high school team may vote on HS issues, a JHS program may vote on JHS issues, and those sponsoring a program in both may vote in both, and potentially twice on league-wide issues). Each vote should be cast by the person most clearly responsible for the competitive direction of the program, ideally its Head Coach, though each program may determine who casts its vote.


This ballot contains one issue for all members, and two for HS members only. If ratified, the HS and JHS board votes will take place next week. Voting will remain open for 7 8 days.


The full description is below:

For all league members:
  • The executive board is recommending an amendment to the bylaws. This requires a 2/3 vote of the league. The purpose of this motion is to provide the membership with a higher level of support and to ensure that the current clerical and administrative workload of the league is completed in a timely manner.
  • As discussed in the spring meeting, the current format of an all-volunteer league structure places too large a burden on the coaches and administrators who are also in charge of their individual programs, and reduces the overall quality of the league individually and collectively.
    • The board as presently constituted in Section 1 of the bylaws is available on the league website. 
  • The Board proposes the following amendments:
    • The league board shall consist of 2 division committees and an executive board. The division committee shall be made up of no fewer than three (3) and no more than seven (7) active members in good standing in their respective divisions. Each division committee will elect one of their number to serve as chair and to serve in that capacity on the executive board. The primary duties of the committees will be to resolve disciplinary issues, decide competition issues in their division, and to advise the Executive board of the needs of their division in planning strategic initiatives. Terms shall consist of staggered three year terms as dictated currently by Section 4 of the bylaws.
    • The Executive board shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, and the Chairs of the JHS and HS committees. The duties of the Secretary and Treasurer will by tasked to employees of the league, who will report directly to the President and Vice-President and whose compensation will be determined by the executive board. The reporting duties of the Secretary and Treasurer will fall to the President and Vice-President, and all other references in the bylaws to their duties shall be amended to the same. In the event the league has no members in a respective division, the remaining members may elect a Chair and a vice-chair to serve on the executive board on a year-to-year basis.