The Official League for High School lacrosse in the state of Arizona.

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Players must appear on the official league roster in order to participate in a game, and coaches must certify their rosters are in compliance at the beginning of every game. Use of an ineligible player will result in forfeiture and possible disqualification.

  1. Participating Organizations that have meet the minimum roster thresholds may adjust their rosters without restriction between a single JV and single Varsity team. 
    1. Participating Organizations that do not meet the threshold for secondary teams, or field more than one varsity or JV team, will be subject to regulations regarding the movement of players between squads. 
i. Participating Organizations below the thresholds must establish the members of their Varsity roster and only 1/3 of the players on the Varsity roster will be eligible to also appear on a junior varsity team roster.
ii. Player minimums for registering a team are:
  • 1 team: 22 players
  • 2 teams: 36 players
  • 3 teams: 60 players
  • 4 teams *: 81 players
*only existing teams are allowed to continue fielding more than three squads per program
  1. All players are eligible to appear on a maximum of two (2) high school rosters within one season.  This means if a Participating Organization has one varsity team and two secondary teams, a player cannot play for all three teams. 
  2. All players are eligible to appear on one (1) varsity level high school roster at any given time within one season.  This means if a Participating Organizations has a varsity team and a secondary team that participates at the varsity level a player may not play for both teams (or appear on both rosters) in one season simultaneously.  To encourage development, a player may move from the secondary team to the varsity team, but not back down.
    1. The only exceptions given will be for injuries.  For example if a player on the varsity team is injured or unable to compete, players from the secondary team may move up to participate in primary team’s games, and then return to the secondary team. However, any player moved up is not eligible to move back to the secondary team and must remain on the roster with the primary team.
  3. If a Participating Organization has two (2) teams eligible for the playoffs, then the teams shall be treated like two separate Participating Organizations.  This means that players will not be allowed to move from one team to another at the conclusion of their season until the start of the next season.  For example Varsity Team A1 and Varsity Team A2 both accept bids to the playoffs; if Varsity Team A1 advances to the next round and Varsity Team A2 does not, then players on Varsity Team A2 will not be allowed to move to the Varsity Team A1’s roster, and vice versa.  All playoff team rosters must be finalized and locked 24 Hours prior to the first playoff game either the primary or secondary team plays in.