The Official League for High School lacrosse in the state of Arizona.

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Mission Statement

Growth - The ALL, in cooperation with the Arizona Chapter of US Lacrosse, promotes the growth of lacrosse throughout the state of Arizona with the fundamental goal of constantly increasing the quantity, quality and stability of its member programs.  
Training - The ALL provides leadership, training, guidance and support to all of its member programs.  Training and certification programs focus not only on skills, but also safety and sportsmanship.  (Training)
Coaching - The ALL teaches its players the fundamental individual and team skills necessary to play the game at the highest level that they are capable.  Simultaneously, the ALL uses the lacrosse experience to teach greater life lessons that will augment the lives of all of our participants well beyond the field of play.  (Coaching)
Competition - The ALL facilitates a competitive structure that is in the best interest of all members and is appropriate to its mission.  This structure is tailored to the different ages and experience levels represented by the member teams.  The ALL recognizes that this structure must evolve as the quality of play improves, the number of teams increases, and the age at which players start their lacrosse careers becomes earlier.

Inclusion - The ALL strives to always be an inclusive organization, basing its decisions on the interests of all affected parties and soliciting input from all member programs during the decision-making process.
Community - The ALL honors the game by developing a strong community among players, parents, coaches, officials and fans that will last a lifetime.