The Official League for High School lacrosse in the state of Arizona.

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League Officials Assignor

Candidates are sought for the position of League Assignor. The role of the assignor is to see that all referees are provided proper assignments to ensure their development, retention, and opportunities for advancement. Assignors are required to possess the ability to assign referees confidently and accurately to matches at all levels using the guidelines established by the league. This position requires strong organizational and interpersonal skills. Assignor appointments should be made for a period of at least one year.

The League Assignor’s responsibilities include:

  • Manage all aspects of assigning game officials to the league schedule
    • Maintain a list of eligible referees within the assignor’s area
    • Select and assign referees and assistant referees for league matches and tournaments
    • Adhere to league rules as outlined within the League Bylaws and Rules
    • Communicate league rules as outlined within the League Bylaws and Rules to assigned referees and assistant referees and ensure their adherence
    • Promptly notify relevant parties of any change or cancellation of game assignments
    • Compile and disseminate referee assignment lists for payment purposes
    • Continuously observe and mentor referees and assistant referees assigned to league matches
    • Maintain league database of officials game ratings
    • Rotation of Assignments
      • Assignors and referees must recognize that officiating where familiarity or family relationships with coaches or players exist should be avoided. Assignors should limit the number of times a referee officiates for any one team or club.
      • Referees and assistant referees should be rotated on a regular basis among all the assigned levels and all the teams within a league. No referee should be assigned to any one or club exclusively.
      • Referee assignors must offer equal opportunity to all qualified referees and avoid discrimination against any individual or group regardless of age, race, color, religion, gender, national origin or disability.
  • Training and Development
    • The League Assignor shall work in cooperation with local youth leagues to identify training, development and advancement opportunities for all USA Lacrosse certified officials, and continuously recruit new candidates to the assigning pool.
  • Current USA Lacrosse membership required; current USA Lacrosse Assignor Certification preferred.
    • The League Assignor will be expected to obtain additional USA Lacrosse certifications as required to support recruitment, development, and grant opportunities.
  • Assignors should have experience with:
    • The use of Arbiter assigning software platform
    • Microsoft Excel and Word
    • Online website scheduling and synchronizing data between multiple sources

The Deadline for applications to be considered is 11/1/2022.

All interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter summarizing their interest in and qualifications for the position to the league at